I became involved in Cardano back in 2017. Originally I came to invest and take a bet on the future. The more I learnt about it the more I wanted to be part of the groundswell movement that is Web3 and in particular Cardano. 

Blockchains can be an overwhelming space for someone new to come into. There’s the bad sides of crypto that you’ve probably heard about, but also many brilliant people creating revolutionary new projects and services. This website is my personal project to try and help anyone new wanting to discover why good blockchains are so important and why Cardano is a blockchain they should know all about. Starting out at a point of assuming no knowledge of what Cardano or even blockchain is, I debunk some of the myths about “all” blockchains and explain why Cardano is different.

There are now hundreds of thousands of developers who’ve either decided to abandon highly lucrative careers in traditional software development fields for the Web3 space, or have chosen to invest their own time to learn it and become ready, drawn by its huge potential. 

Blockchain has had more than its fair share of bad actors and there have been criminals who’ve used these formative years to steal and harm. This shouldn’t have gone unreported by the media and needs to be resolved (most likely through regulation), but it’s important to bear in mind that whilst some of the stories are big, the number of bad actors is actually really small when compared to the many good people working in the blockchain industry. Name any other area of society, historically, that involved large sums of money and technically illiterate consumers where bad actors and criminals haven’t appeared and harmed…?! The media’s tendency to tar everyone in the space with the same brush as the relatively small number of bad players is a real shame, because there is so much good here too.

There are huge sums of money being raised and large technology companies being formed to build the blockchains and their services which are going to revolutionise all of our lives. It’s taken a long time – critics often use this to slam the industry and claim it’s incapable of anything useful – but the reality is that creating decentralised and secure blockchains and their services, that can scale to billions of users, is an incredibly difficult undertaking. One of the hardest ever faced by computer science and cryptography. The problems to be solved have required a monumental effort by many of the brightest minds on the planet. Software development of complex projects always takes time…lots of time!

The result, well see for yourself. We’re now at the inflection point of the good blockchains finally becoming ready, their utility and tools finally being good enough, useful enough and affordable. It hasn’t been and won’t be perfect, complex things never are, but the industry is learning quickly and evolving fast to solve the problems as they are discovered. The killer applications that will run on the blockchains are only now just being birthed and there’s a lot still to learn and evolving to be done. But it will be because the rewards – both financial and to society – are too great to miss out on.

This website is dedicated to the Cardano blockchain, one of the best out there and we in the Cardano community believe, the one with the most potential to be a force for good and change for the whole world.

We're Cardano and if you permit us, we'd like to change the world.

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano
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